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Who We Are.

BulletProofHelmetsUSA.com provides strong bullet resistant helmets and bullet resistant tactical helmets to individuals, families and people in the USA who understand the need for personal protection. The helmets that we provide offer strong ballistic protection to keep you safe, at an affordable price for people around America.

Bulletproof helmets are speciality. All day. All night. We supply what we know best. Count on us to keep you and the world safe with our trustworthy and safe bulletproof helmets (and vests too!).

Family run & operated from Pennsylvania, we strive to keep the cost our bulletproof helmets as low as possible – we believe EVERY American should be able to exercise their right as an American to have a bulletproof helmet or tactical helmet to keep them safe when times get tough.

Our staff at BulletProofHelmetsUSA is a tight-knit family that works daily to provide men and women around the United States with strong bulletproof helmets and tactical helmets. The helmets we provide are used by men and women defend themselves and their families – whether at home, at work or in any unsafe situation that arises in today’s world.

100% of our mission is to keep users of our helmet safe. Our bulletproof helmets are manufactured with some of the strongest materials from around the world, and are tested in certified NIJ laboratories in accordance to NIJ III-A (ambient) testing procedures. This gives us confidence to know the users of our bulletproof helmets  and tactical helmets will be safe when it matters most. Find out more about our stringent testing on our warranty & testing page.

Are you LEO or MIL or a veteran?

We’ve got your back and have a special discount promo code for all LEO & MIL and VETERANS.

Please email us at: info@BulletProofHelmetsUSA.com to request your police / military or veteran promo code, and get 10% off. Thank YOU for your service!

BulletProof Helmets USA is an American owned and operated business that believes that ALL AMERICANS have the right to own a bulletproof helmet.

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