Bulletproof Vest (III-A)



Our popular & affordable external Bulletproof Vest is used by thousands of people to stay safe when it matters most. Keep it at home, take it in your car, or keep it at work – this vest will keep you safe when you need it.

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Stay protected with our strong external Bulletproof Vest.

A popular Bulletproof Vest for homeowners, and everyday Americans who want to stay prepared, this vest is strong, affordable and will keep you safe when you need it.

Tested up to level III-A (ambient only), our external Bulletproof Vest resists a variety of bullets up to .44mag, including 9mm and .357sig. The ballistic material used inside the vest is manufactured with strong ballistic layers, with an additional layer of “trauma foam” to help reduce the blunt impact of a bullet.

The outside of the Bulletproof Vest is manufactured with strong jet-black fabric, to offer a sleek and “prepared” look when wearing it. The vest adjusts with adjustable straps on the shoulders, as well as around the waste to make sure it fits you well. 

Our Bulletproof Vest also includes external pockets in case you want to put your own additional hard armor plates (level III or level IV) in the front or back.

Are you worried about your safety? Get this Bulletproof Vest to stay prepared – whether keeping it at home, in the trunk of your car, or even wearing it when you have to drive through a neighborhood that has high levels of crime – this Bulletproof Vest will keep you safe when you need it the most.

How do I choose the right size for my Bulletproof Vest? Easy! Check out our size chart below. For additional insight from us on choosing the best size, you can email us a photo of you in a t-shirt at info@BulletproofhelmetsUSA.com and one of our specialists can help suggest the best size for you! We will usually get back to you within 24 hours or less.


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