ThermVis Binocular – Model LR-X


The Premier Thermal Binocular for Unmatched Clarity Designed For Professionals: Elevate your law enforcement operations, outdoor adventures, and safety protocols with the ThermVis Binocular Model LR-X. Tailored to meet user’s demands of security, protection, and operations, the Model LR-X combines lightweight design with stellar performance, ensuring unparalleled vision across extensive distances in any climate. This binocular includes two digital zoom ranges (2x and 4x) and an optical magnification of 4x. Its design ensures comfort and portability for prolonged usage (up to 10 hours), and has a detection range of up to 3 miles (5 KM) see a vehicle size object in total darkness. Weighing aprox 3.5 lbs (1.6kg), this binocular system is easy to handle and can interface easily with a standard tripod interface.

Extra-Rugged & Resilient: Designed with enhanced water-resistant technology, the ThermVis Binocular LR-X boasts water resistance prevention that allows normal operation even after being submerged underwater for up to one (1) hour at a depth of 3.2 ft (1m). This advanced sealing technology allows users to reliably use the Model LR-X in different environments, including different weather climates and terrains.

High-Level Clarity with HD OLED (Colored) Display: When clarity is required, the ThermVis Binocular LR-X’s high-resolution HD OLED display delivers crystal-clear imagery in black hot / white hot with a detector resolution of 640 x 480 pixels. With a wide range of diopter adjustments, the Model LR-X caters to a diverse amount of visual needs, ensuring a flawless viewing experience for every user. This binocular includes inbuilt image and video recording, and can store up to 128 images, and up to 15 minutes of video. Enhanced with instant start-up technology (under 6 seconds), the Model LR-X ensures you never miss a crucial moment during use.

An all-in-one observation companion: The Model LR-X has a combination of multiple features that can together provide the user with a great viewing experience. These features include multiple image enhancement setting such as gain adjustments and choice for polarities between Black Hot or White Hote image. The sight also includes a Stadia Reticle which helps the user for estimate ranging of objects. The sight is easily mountable on a tripod and uses multiple convenience power inputs such as Power Bank Usb input, AC to DC wall adapter 5V 2Amp, disposable and rechargeable batteries.

This Item Includes: ThermVis LR-X Binocular, hard carrying case, soft carrying pouch, battery case, battery charger, system cable for power input & video output, user manual, cleaning kit. This item runs on four (4) AA batteries (Lithium Ion, either disposable or re-chargeable) which can be purchase at most hardware stores, supermarkets, or online. Battery time is about 8 – 10 hours of use. Do not use alkaline batteries as this will affect the battery life, only use lithium ion batteries.

This item requires an export license if being exported outside of the USA.

View full technical specifications of this thermal vision monocular by clicking here.