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Throughout history people have used helmets to shield their heads against weapons. World War I and its increased use of artillery increased the need for steel helmets, such helmets offered protection for the head from shrapnel and fragments. In recent times high-quality helmets made of ballistic materials such as para-aramid ballistic materials, which offers improved protection, improved weight, ballistics protection, and protection against head injuries caused by blasts. This practice continues into the 21st century, with further advancement and refinements in the materials used. Some helmets also have good non-ballistic protective qualities, against threats such as concussive shock waves from explosions. Cushioning is used to negate concussive injuries; research has shown that cushioning has decreased the impact force to the skull by 24%.

A bulletproof helmet (or called a bullet resistant helmet in correct terminology), is a helmet placed on one’s head to protect the user against ballistic threats. The helmets we provide at are tested to level III-A standards to protect users from handgun threats.

Bullet proof helmets and ballistic helmets are commonly used by armies and police forces all over the world, our beloved law enforcement and military included. However, with domestic threat levels rising all over the world and locally, civilians and individuals are buying and using protective gear to protect themselves and their families. As an American you have a right to own a bullet proof helmet!

At we offer a great range of affordable and strong bullet proof helmets that can protect you from robberies and home invasions. At we provide strong and affordable bullet resistant helmets to individuals, families and people in the USA who understand the need for personal protection. The helmets that we provide offer strong ballistic protection to keep you safe, at an affordable price for people around America. We strive to keep the cost of our bulletproof helmets as low as possible – we AT believe EVERY American should be able to have a bulletproof helmet to keep them safe when times get tough.

At we offer a range of different sizes from small to X-large. Our helmets also come in black and OD green; however, we are happy to meet your needs for any customized color.

At we offer a great range of ballistic and non-ballistic helmets for our American customers; we test our ballistic helmets for maximum protection against threats:

PASGT (III-A) Bullet proof helmet

The PASGT (III-A) Bullet proof helmet offers a great level of protection. This item is a BBB item (Best Bang for your Buck)!! This tactical helmet provides the user with strong ballistic head and ear protection and has a small extension on the front top of the forehead that protects against additional fragmentation. The helmet is equipped with a durable head harness as well as a cushioned interior and headband for maximum comfort during many types of situations requiring a bullet proof and tactical helmet. It also includes a rubber chin cup for adjustments and a better fit.

MICH ((III-A) Bullet proof helmet

The MICH (III-A) Bullet proof helmet is a great choice for strong and comprehensive protection for a variety of indoor and outdoor threats as well as on the go. It’s a popular helmet for veterans and one of our most popular models in general. Originally developed for military combat operations. The MICH (III-A) Bullet proof helmet allows the user to be protected from a variety of ballistic threats while also being lightweight and easy to wear. Like the PASGT (III-A) Bullet proof helmet, it provides the user a great deal of head an ear protection, however it doesn’t include the front small visor extension which makes it lighter and a great option for a tactical helmet that provides strong ballistic protection.

High-Cut (III-A) Tactical Bullet proof helmet

The High-Cut (III-A) Tactical Bullet proof helmet is the best choice for people who want to stay protected in tactical situations. It is our most popular helmet by far, it is loved by both security professionals and individuals.

The High-Cut (III-A) Tactical Bullet proof helmet is a high cut helmet, which means it doesn’t offer protection for the ear, and the user can easily use a phone or an earpiece with it. It is also equipped with a front mount piece and two front side rails, so the users can attach items to it, like a GoPro camera, a flashlight or other accessories. The High-Cut (III-A) Tactical Bullet proof helmet is equipped with several removable memory foam cushion pads along with a fine-tune knob to adjust the helmet to exact head measurement.

The High-Cut (III-A) Tactical Bullet proof helmet is used by pros!

For our range of non-ballistic helmets please refer to the TERM-X Tactical Riot Helmet (Non-Bullet proof)

The TERM-X Tactical Riot Helmet (Non-Bullet proof) is used by security professionals to protect the user’s head, neck, face and back of neck from non-ballistic impact threats.

In the front the TERM-X Tactical Riot Helmet (Non-Bullet proof) has a thick transparent visor/front face shield made of durable polycarbonate that extends from the user’s forehead to chin. The visor is attached to the top and includes a fluid-seal guard for an extra level of protection. Additionally, there’s a steel face cage fixed on the visor for other impact protection.  The visor and face bars are attached to the helmet shell in five spots for maximum protection. The shell of the TERM-X Tactical Riot Helmet (Non-Bullet proof) is made of high-density hard polymer plastic composites which protect against a variety of non-ballistic (non-bullet proof) low impact riot threats.

Looking for a helmet to keep you safe during riots and civil unrest, look no further, go for the TERM-X Tactical Riot Helmet (Non-Bullet proof)!

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