High-Cut (III-A) Tactical Bulletproof Helmet

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This bulletproof helmet is trusted as the NUMBER ONE choice for professionals who want to stay protected in tactical situations. Our most popular helmet by far, this helmet is loved by both security professionals, soldiers, and individual people. It’s used by the pros.

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Size Tip – We usually suggest ordering size L of this helmet for most users (head sizes between 22″-24″). Need help figuring out  your size?

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Modern high-cut ballistic helmet design with professional tactical accessories.

Our most popular and newest helmet, the High-Cut Tactical Helmet (tested to ballistic level III-A, ambient) is one of our strongest and most purchased bulletproof helmets for many reasons.

This professional helmet is a “high-cut” design which means that it allows users to easily use a phone or ear piece with it, or attach other accessories onto the side rails. This is a huge advantage during tactical situations and is designed in a very efficient and tactical way for some of the most high-risk operations. This High-Cut Helmet is used as a military helmet, a SWAT helmet, a patrol helmet for police, as well as a protective helmet for private people who understand the importance of safety. It is used by individual people, military members, and security professionals.

The High-Cut Tactical Helmet is equipped with a front mount piece, along with two side rails so users can attach items such a GoPro camera, flashlight, or other items to it (additional adapters or accessories may be required for this). The inside of this ballistic tactical helmet is equipped with several durable memory-foam cushion pads (removable) along with a fine-tune knob to adjust the helmet to your exact head.

What makes our High-Cut Tactical Helmet better than other brands? Unlike other bulletproof helmet providers, our High-Cut Bulletproof Helmet is equipped with extra-enhanced interior padding that significantly helps reduce brain trauma or internal injuries if shot at by a bullet. The extra-enhanced interior padding system includes seven (7) high-density memory foam pads that allow users to comfortable wear the helmet. Unlike other ballistic helmets which only include a a couple of interior padding, the seven (7) pads are comfortable, lightweight, and can also be removed for cleaning or replacement. In addition, users can remove some, or all, of the padding in case they need extra space around their head to accommodate cold-weather head gear, or head-mounted communication devices. Our enhanced padding is a huge advantage and will significantly increase your chances of survival and injury if shot – it is hard to find other helmets at our price point that have such a great and high-quality interior padding system.

Who uses this helmet? The pro’s. This helmet is used in many military applications, law enforcement operations, and of course – private citizen safety. This helmet has been used on the battlefield and is trusted by the many professionals that have used it to save their lives.

How does our bulletproof helmet work? The internal material of the helmet is equipped with tightly-compressed layers of ballistic-resistant material. The ballistic material used in our helmets is called lightweight ballistic aramid material, and it is tested to resist up to .44mag  of ammunition (including lower threats such as 9mm and .357sig). The ballistic material used in our helmets is tested at NIJ-approved laboratories in the United States and is extremely durable and strong. Due to the type of high quality ballistic aramid material within our helmets, the BFS (back face signature – or otherwise known as the impact trauma) performs significantly better than other types of ballistic helmets, and this will help to reduce head injury in case the person wearing the helmet is shot. This helmet is strong and rugged – and will keep you safe when you need it the most.

This professional helmet is the REAL DEAL and will keep you safe when it matters most. There are many “fake” bulletproof helmets (and vests) on the market – not our helmets. Our bulletproof helmets are backed by our stringent ballistic test reports (available upon request) and will keep you safe when your life depends on it. Used by police, military, and other security professionals – this high-cut ballistic helmet will help save your life in some of the most life-threatening situations. 

Our bulletproof helmets are used in a variety of different environments and will perform well in hot, and cold climates. Due to the high quality of the ballistic material used within our helmets, you don’t need to worry about the ballistic material performing badly in high or low temperatures. Our ballistic helmets are trustworthy, reliable and will keep you, and the people you care about, safe.

By owning a bulletproof helmet, you will feel SAFE & CONFIDENT in your home, or when you are on the move. You don’t deserve to continue to live in fear, and you can feel safe again by owning a bulletproof helmet.

If you are serious about staying protected and want a professional and safe helmet that you can easily move around with, especially during tactical situations, then choose this High-Cut (III-A) Tactical Helmet. You won’t be disappointed.

SIZE TIP: Size “L” of this helmet tends to fit the majority of people very well (people with head sizes between 22″ – 24″). This model also includes an interior adjustment knob to allow you to fine-tune the helmet to fit your head. If your head size is larger than 24″, then we suggest going with XL. 

Have more questions about sizing? Send us an email on our contact us page and we will send you a size guide to help select the best bulletproof helmet size for your head! Don’t worry about ordering the wrong size because we offer a GREAT exchange program to make sure you get the size you need!

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