MICH (III-A) Bulletproof Helmet



A popular helmet for American veterans, this strong bulletproof helmet will protect you from threats inside or outside your home, as well as on the go, or even in tactical situations. This is one of our most popular models.



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Strong & lightweight.

Originally developed for military combat operations, the MICH (III-A) Bulletproof Helmet (tested to ballistic level III-A, ambient) allows users to stay protected from a variety of ballistic threats while also being lightweight and easy to wear. This helmet is also known as an “ACH Helmet” in some situations.

The MICH Bulletproof Helmet is very similar to the PASGT Bulletproof Helmet, which also provides strong ballistic head and ear protection, but does not have the small visor extension on the top part of the forehead as the PASGT Bulletproof Helmet.  This makes this MICH Bulletproof Helmet a bit lighter, and a great option for a tactical helmet that provides strong ballistic protection.

The inside of the helmet is equipped with durable pads (7 pads in total) along with a strong head harness with rubber chin up. The trauma pads on the inside are very, very comfy!

Looking for a strong and lightweight helmet and tactical helmet that will give you the protection you need? Then choose this MICH (III-A) Bulletproof Helmet!

SIZE TIP: Size “L” of this helmet tends to fit the majority of people very well (people with head sizes between 22″ – 24″). If your head size is larger than 24″, then we suggest going with XL. 

Have more questions about sizing? Send us an email on our contact us page and we will send you a size guide to help select the best bulletproof helmet size for your head! Don’t worry about ordering the wrong size because we offer a GREAT exchange program to make sure you get the size you need!

We also recommend this MICH Bulletproof Helmet as a good helmet option for females. We recommend size “M” for most females. These days, it’s important for the whole family to stay prepared.

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