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This High-cut bulletproof helmet is the number one choice for people who want to stay protected in tactical situations. Our most popular helmet at by far, this helmet is loved by both security professionals and individual people. It’s used by the pros!

The High-Cut (III-A) Tactical Bulletproof Helmet is the newest helmet that we provide at, the High-Cut Tactical Helmet (tested to ballistic level III-A, ambient). It offers ballistic protection against handgun rounds and grenade fragments. The High-Cut (III-A) Tactical Bulletproof Helmet is one of our most popular bulletproof helmets for many reasons.

The High-Cut (III-A) Tactical Bulletproof Helmet is our top-of-the-line elite ballistic helmet, with its modern design for special operation missions. This helmet is a “high-cut” design which means that it is not equipped with ear protection so that users can easily use access communication equipment like a phone or earpiece with it or attach other accessories onto the side rails. This is a huge advantage during tactical situations.

The High-Cut (III-A) Tactical Bulletproof Helmet is equipped with a front mount piece, along with two side rails so users can attach items such a GoPro camera, flashlight, or other items to it (additional adapters or accessories may be required for this). The inside of this ballistic tactical helmet is equipped with several durable memory-foam cushion pads (removable) along with a fine-tune knob to adjust the helmet to your exact head.

Who uses this helmet?

If you are serious about staying protected and want something that you can easily move around with, especially during tactical situations, then choose this High-Cut (III-A) Tactical Bulletproof Helmet. You won’t be disappointed. Be ready to fight and order your High-Cut (III-A) Tactical Bulletproof Helmet at today!


  • Advance Combat Helmet (ACH)
  • Meets NIJ 0106.01 Standard 
  • Level II-A ballistic protection against handgun rounds
  • Fragmentation protection
  • High cut design is lightweight and increases mobility
  • Constructed with Kevlar fibers and thermoset resin
  • Retention harness with ratcheting system for a perfect fit
  • Side rails fit common adapters which is perfect for tactical lights and cameras
  • Loop field allows for the secure, quick, and easy attachment of helmet accessories
  • Helmet pad system provides extra comfort

SIZE TIP: Size “L” of this helmet tends to fit the majority of people very well (people with head sizes between 22″ – 24″). The High-Cut (III-A) Tactical Bulletproof Helmet also includes an interior adjustment knob to allow you to fine-tune the helmet to fit your head. If your head size is larger than 24″, then we suggest going with XL.

Have more questions about sizing? Send us an email on our contact us page and we will send you a size guide to help select the best bulletproof helmet size for your head! Don’t worry about ordering the wrong size because we offer a GREAT exchange program to make sure you get the size you need!

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